Have questions about building, maintaining or just owning a pool? We've assembled some questions below to help you know what to expect.


How do I know which type of pool I should get?

There are a number of factors you should consider when deciding which type of pool (and what size pool) you want including cost, durability, your installation site, how many people will typically use the pool, and how you plan on using your pool.  Some people want a pool for swimming laps while others want a pool for relaxing or entertaining.  We are happy to talk with you about your expectations for your pool to help you decide what is right for you and your family.  Other companies may only offer one or two kinds of in-ground pools so they may try to convince you that the one type they offer is right for you.  We offer all three types so we can objectively tell you the advantages of each to help you make an informed decision.      


How long will installation take?

It depends on the type and size of the pool that you select, but your in-ground pool could take anywhere from 5 days to 4 weeks from the time of excavation to the time the pool is filled with water.  Fiberglass pool installation is generally the quickest.  Gunite usually takes the longest.  


My lot slopes. Can a pool work in my yard?

We have experience with installing pools in your application, and we usually find that we can work with even a moderate slope with no problem.  We are happy to look at photos of your lot and make suggestions if you are looking for a preliminary evaluation.


I have heard a lot about salt systems.  Do you offer this?

Many people are interested in having a "salt system" installed with their in-ground pool to help automate some of the care of the pool.  We offer a variety of these systems, including some that integrate with control panels to control other pool operations and some that even interact with your smart phone.


I have a lot of trees in my yard and I worry about the leaves. Is there a way to have a pool without cutting down my trees?

Absolutely. As long as the site for the pool is clear of trees, you may be able to keep the beauty of your existing landscaping even with trees close to the pool by having an automatic pool cover. This will cover your pool whenever it’s not in use. This can also help keep the heat in.


How much will a pool cost?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. The price of your pool will vary according to the size and shape pool you select, the options desired, and the layout of your yard.  If you can provide us with a few details about what you want (type of pool, size, shape), we are able to offer a free, no-obligation estimate via email.  This estimate will include the price of the pool and a list of what is included and what is not.  Of course, if you decide to move forward with your pool project, we will come out to do a site visit to make sure that the pool that you have selected will work with your lot and also to make you aware of any site features that may impact your installation (trees, slope, etc.).


Do you offer in house financing?

We do not offer in house financing, but we can refer you to a number of financing companies that offer loans for pools.  The rate and terms will be dependent on your credit and income.